Meaning of wood ibis in English:

wood ibis


  • 1A stork with a slightly downcurved bill and a bare face or head, found in America and Africa.

    Also called wood stork

    Genus Mycteria, family Ciconiidae: the black-faced M. americana of America, and the red-faced M. ibis of Africa

    ‘In the Lochinvar, regarded as Zambia's prime birds sanctuary, there is the crested cranes, saddle-bill storks, egrets, wood ibis, vultures and the rare shoebill stork.’
    • ‘There is a tradition to the effect that the wood ibis is a solitary misanthrope, but Audubon mentions thousands in a flock.’
    • ‘In the area, it is common to see birds such as scarlet ibises, storks, wood ibises, herons, jaçanas and maguari storks, besides capybaras, anacondas, sloths, monkeys, and much more.’
    • ‘The birdlife of the Corkscrew reaches a dramatic climax in the ancestral colony of wood storks, or wood ibises, which nest in mid-winter in one part of the swamp or another.’
    • ‘Mr. Edison was a major supporter, in the 1950's, of efforts to preserve a three-square-mile area in southwest Florida of bald cypress trees that included large rookeries of wood ibises and American egrets.’
    • ‘There seemed to be a continual flap of wings as Louisiana herons, little blue herons, Ward's herons, blue-winged teal, Florida ducks, American egrets, white ibises, wood ibises, snowy egrets, black-crowned night herons, green herons, coots and other birds took to the air.’
  • 2

    (also crested wood ibis)
    A mainly brown ibis with a greenish crest, found only in Madagascar.

    Lophotibis cristata, family Threskiornithidae

    • ‘My best wild bird sighting so far is a Madagascan crested wood ibis in 1987, but I saw some at a zoo in Berlin in 2007.’