Meaning of wood stain in English:

wood stain


  • A commercially produced substance for colouring wood.

    • ‘I'm not sure if the wood stain on this coffee table will match the wood stain on our seven bookcases.’
    • ‘You praise science for discovering the wood stain on the Piltdown Man hoax, despite the fact it took decades.’
    • ‘After a long day's work, we had managed to remove the marks from the building materials, drywall spatters, red spray paint, and even the wood stain, which had taken a couple of passes to disappear completely.’
    • ‘A nanocomposite-based wood stain, he said, had been formulated with improved early blocking resistance and at the same time higher elasticity.’
    • ‘Initially Myaida asked his patron whether she wanted the gate covered with a wood stain or with red, black, gold, or yellow paint.’
    • ‘If you can not find the right color, a regular wood stain can be used and then just apply a sealer.’
    • ‘She painted the window frames and wooden shelving with wood stain and gave the concrete bench two thick coats of terracotta masonry paint.’
    • ‘It had a sweet, gluey scent, like fresh wood stain.’
    • ‘It still has that wood stain paint, but the doors have been removed.’
    • ‘She also sets up playful paradoxes by deploying wood stain or brick hue to suggest arches and windows or by using shaded openings to create stripes on apparently solid-color walls.’
    • ‘Disappointed, Hoss picked up his paintbrush from where he had dropped it on the cloth and dejectedly began stroking wood stain up and down the mostly bare dowels on his own side of the playpen again.’
    • ‘Conventional pine furniture can be sanded down and stained with a very dark wood stain and then sealed with a matt polyurethane varnish or sealer for ultimate protection.’
    • ‘The reds I tried gave the same color as the browns until I found a water soluble wood stain that in powdered form was a bright red.’
    • ‘I suppose you could also apply some wood stain which may have a nice look.’
    • ‘After it dries, apply wood stain unevenly for an older weathered appearance.’
    • ‘It goes without saying that the sublime white blended well with the olive green and wood stain decor present all around.’
    • ‘The western wheel was far better preserved than the eastern, and it was possible to trace the outline of 12 wooden spokes which had survived as wood stains.’