Meaning of wood stork in English:

wood stork


another term for wood ibis (sense 1)
  • ‘Walk on a solitary beach or under the shade of moss-draped live oaks… watch a wood stork fishing the tidal creeks or salt marshes… surf cast for game fish… For a one-of-a kind escape, come to the uncrowded haven of Little St. Simons.’
  • ‘The three-acre Pelican Island Bird Reservation on Florida's Atlantic coast - since expanded and renamed the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge - remains a haven for brown pelicans and the endangered wood stork.’
  • ‘This will be an important determination to make before a proposal to reclassify the wood stork from endangered to threatened can be made; the species' recovery plan calls for at least 2,500 nesting pairs in the south Florida area.’
  • ‘And although you can see a tremendous amount with the naked eye, with the added strength of a binocular especially designed for birding, you can actually see the details of a wood stork fishing for food or a parrot roosting in the mangroves.’
  • ‘Their common names provide a little more aroma of just how diverse this stew actually is: Garber's spurge, wood stork, American alligator, Schaus swallowtail butterfly, Eastern indigo snake, and Cape Sable seaside sparrow.’
  • ‘Slightly higher, the jumping artists practice - wild turkey, slick cormorant, wood stork.’
  • ‘At present, wood stork nesting colonies are found in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.’
  • ‘For example, in the early 1990s, a proposed water management plan would have pitted endangered wood storks against endangered snail kites (Rostrhamus sociabilis plumbeus) in the Everglades of South Florida.’
  • ‘The Southwest Florida Water Management District bought an 86-acre parcel on the east shore of Clam Bayou, preserving the area for its bald eagles, manatees, river otters, roseate spoonbills, and wood storks.’
  • ‘And to avoid disturbing the feeding areas of wood storks, construction of the low-level approaches at the south end of the bridge was delayed until the storks departed for the season.’
  • ‘Soaring on thermals everywhere, wood storks conveyed their own way of being, not debunking violence, but commingling with it, as if freedom meant proximity to danger.’
  • ‘They may be preying on native mangrove fox squirrels and wood storks, and they could be competing with the threatened eastern indigo snake for both prey and space.’
  • ‘Bird watchers are drawn from all over the world in search of species such as parrots, parakeets, hyacinth macaws, and wood storks.’
  • ‘Perhaps even more worrying, the pythons may be preying on native mangrove fox squirrels and wood storks.’