Meaning of wood thrush in English:

wood thrush


  • A thrush of eastern North America, with a brown back, a dark-spotted white breast, and a loud liquid song.

    Hylocichla mustelina, family Turdidae

    • ‘How often I have longed to hear the hermit thrush, wood thrush and veery blend their ethereal voices together again!’
    • ‘The wood thrush's song consists of several phrases, variations on his basic ee-o-lay theme, in quality like a flute but richer, not airy.’
    • ‘The wood thrush breeds in the eastern United States and southeastern Canada, and winters from central Mexico to Panama.’
    • ‘On one of the cd tracks he slows down the calls of a hermit thrush, Swainson's thrush, wood thrush and veery and you can hear just how complex and how many more notes are in the song than we hear.’
    • ‘Powell found that wood thrush females dispersed more often and greater distances after nests failed.’
    • ‘About 70 species of birds have been identified in the deposit, including three found by McCarville - a Baird's sandpiper, a wood thrush and a junco.’
    • ‘Although he sings early in the morning and periodically throughout the day, my favorite time to escape the droning suburb and receive the wood thrush's soothing strains is when the warm light of a summer day fades.’
    • ‘I thought it was a wood thrush until I stopped and, concentrating, heard the distinctive keynote and ethereal strains of a hermit thrush.’
    • ‘I have always been a huge fan of her writing and discovered that she's a mischievous woman who could probably outsing a wood thrush if she tried.’
    • ‘Even birds that scientists are most worried about, such as the wood thrush, number in the millions.’
    • ‘In winter, if a wood thrush comes to pay a call, it is caught in a fine mesh bird net.’
    • ‘They conducted an experiment with wood thrushes using miniature video cameras’