Meaning of wood tick in English:

wood tick


  • A North American tick which infests wild and domestic animals, often found clinging to plants and responsible for transmitting spotted fever.

    Genus Dermacentor, family Ixodidae, in particular D. andersoni

    • ‘The disease that may best explain Clark's Three Forks fever is Colorado tick fever, a viral infection transmitted by the wood tick.’
    • ‘The bacteria Rickettsia rickettsii that cause an RMSF infection are carried by the dog tick in the eastern United States and by the wood tick in the Rocky Mountain states.’
    • ‘The wood tick is the principal vector in the western United States, whereas the dog tick is the most common vector in the eastern and southern United States.’
    • ‘My students at Mitchell School found the first wood tick of the year.’
    • ‘You want to use all brown jimmies, so that you can fashion a cake resembling an engorged wood tick?’
    • ‘Tick bites can be from a variety of different species, the deer tick Ixodes dammini (Lyme disease carrier) and wood tick and dog tick, which are carriers of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, are most well known.’
    • ‘Colorado tick fever is caused by an RNA orbivirus transmitted by the D. andersoni wood tick.’
    • ‘Rocky Mountain wood tick is a vector of bovine anaplasmosis and canine babesiosis (blood parasites of animals), and the toxins injected as it feeds cause tick paralysis.’