Meaning of wood wool in English:

wood wool


mass nounBritish
  • A mass of fine, soft wood shavings, typically used as a packing material.

    • ‘Furthermore, sawdust, wood shavings or wood wool may not be path ways for introduction of alien invasive species and other quarantine pests.’
    • ‘The specimens were soaked in tap water, sown on wet wood wool in plastic boxes and placed in a growth chamber.’
    • ‘Because the wood wool has been mineralized by the cement, moisture loses its effect on the board.’
    • ‘The box is lined with wood wool and comes with a gold gift tag upon which we hand write your personal message.’
    • ‘Due to the newly developed slot knives it is now possible to produce very fine wood wool with a width of 0.75 mm and above.’
    • ‘The blanket provides protection for the soil from wind and water erosion and a substantial amount of moisture will be trapped by the wood wool and provide a moisture store for the regrowth.’
    • ‘Results show that the optimum mix proportion is three parts of cement to two parts of wood wool by weight and that a smaller excelsior width gives higher board strengths.’
    • ‘The construction elements are manufactured of a mixture of wood wool, cement and water, which is cast in steel moulds.’
    • ‘Presented in a wooden gift box with sliding lid, the box is lined with wood wool.’
    • ‘Preliminary results indicate that aspen wood wool reaches saturation of metals between 3-8 hours (depending on the metal and flushing solution concentrations), suggesting its efficiency in absorbing metals for an extended period of time on a small scale.’