Meaning of woodcarving in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action or skill of carving wood to make functional or ornamental objects.

    • ‘In the kirks a certain skill in woodcarving was often evident, and in recognition of the Auld Alliance between France and Scotland, a blue fleur-de-lis carpet was usually a feature.’
    • ‘The traditional Basque decorative arts consist primarily of woodcarving and engraving on stone.’
    • ‘Occupational therapy in the form of needlework, woodcarving and basketwork and entertainment including film shows and dancing all played a big role in the men's rehabilitation.’
    • ‘Other handicrafts include woodcarving and basketry.’
    • ‘Weaving, embroidery, and woodcarving also are highly intricate and require great skill.’
    • ‘The artists living along the Art Trail work in a variety of media, including sculpture, painting, photography, woodcarving, printmaking and fiber art.’
    • ‘To keep the mind alert we have French, writing and play acting, painting in water colour and oil, egg decorating, folk art, calligraphy, woodcarving, and basic and expressive drawing.’
    • ‘Unemployed people mostly revert to traditional economies such as fishing; gathering of wild fruits and vegetables; woodcarving; pottery; basketry, and iron forging.’
    • ‘Today these activities have largely been replaced by the modern crafts of pottery, sculpture, and woodcarving, all areas in which Liechtenstein's artisans have a distinguished reputation throughout Europe.’
    • ‘Now the members want to get more people involved so the art of woodcarving is not lost in Swindon.’
    • ‘Other crafts include metalworking and woodcarving.’
    • ‘Traditionally, Bakongo artisans have excelled in woodcarving, sculpting, painting, and stonework.’
    • ‘Crafts include weaving, embroidering, pottery making, woodcarving, leather and bead working, and metalworking.’
    • ‘She said it was a community-based project and they had a lot of arts-related activities in progress, including several classes in painting, ceramics, woodcrafts, woodcarving and photography.’
    • ‘Haitian craftspeople are particularly skilled in woodcarving, weaving, and embroidery.’
    • ‘Encouraged by his brother Tim, Clifford Possum, who had already begun teaching woodcarving at the settlement, joined Bardon's painting group, which later became the Papunya Tula Artists Company.’
    • ‘Long-standing traditions of pottery, metalworking, rugmaking, woodcarving, and textile production have been carried forward by artisan and craft cooperatives.’
    • ‘Running for nine days from July 4 to July 13 (not including Sunday July 6), Niall will be working through drawings and clay modelling to prepare for the actual woodcarving itself.’
    • ‘They saw woodcarving as integral to the identity of the Asmat people, and encouraged Asmat communities to continue carving, hoping it would provide artists and their communities with a source of income and pride.’
    • ‘A member of the Masonic Lodge in Palmer, Massachusettes, Klingler enjoyed woodcarving, photography, fishing, and spinning yarns.’
    1. 1.1count noun An object carved from wood.
      ‘a medieval painted woodcarving’
      • ‘Along with the watercolours, the exhibition includes six woodcarvings because working with wood is her new passion.’
      • ‘Inspired, it is said, by the medieval woodcarvings of master carver William Bromflet, whose work he saw in Ripon Cathedral, Thompson dedicated himself to making quality furniture out of naturally seasoned English oak.’
      • ‘Already well known for his watercolours and woodcarvings, he turned his attention to miniatures after inheriting embroidery books and materials from friend Margaret Sarraff.’
      • ‘More than 20 stalls will be selling a wide variety of local crafts including artwork, woodcarvings and food.’
      • ‘Then again, if we're not buying the woodcarvings and goblets from the huge craft market at Okahandja, who is?’
      • ‘Jamaican jewellery often incorporates small woodcarvings, shell work or even details in straw.’
      • ‘While these nearly ubiquitous Ogboni brasscastings have been the subject of intensive study, woodcarvings commissioned by Ogboni members have not received much attention from researchers.’
      • ‘Local art shops sell a range of items, from mass-produced woodcarvings to high-quality, handmade items made by recognized masters in fine-grained ebony, jackfruit or sandalwood.’
      • ‘Inside was information about early peoples in the area, including the Thracians, and examples of Bulgarian craftsmanship - carpets, clothes and traditional woodcarvings.’
      • ‘Exhibits include exquisite wooden panels, woodcarvings, ivory works, bronze castings, archaeological artefacts, stone sculptures and palm-leaf etchings.’
      • ‘We are listening, with varying degrees of concentration, to an earnest member of the hospital staff as he draws our attention to a series of fairly undistinguished woodcarvings, mounted on the wall adjacent to each ward entrance.’
      • ‘At almost every handicrafts exhibition, there are artisans displaying woodcarvings that make ideal gifts for friends and family.’
      • ‘Xu's amiable wife runs the tea house/ restaurant, furnished with traditional Chinese woodcarvings and mahogany tables and chairs.’
      • ‘His first sculptures were woodcarvings; originally he used driftwood, but he moved on to fine pieces of timber and made great play of exploiting beautiful grain.’
      • ‘Anantnag is an important trade centre with lot of local handicrafts like woodcarvings, embroidered clothing etc. being sold in the market.’
      • ‘Each has a tiny museum displaying old icons and woodcarvings, embroidered brocade vestments and hand-written manuscripts.’
      • ‘With rising costs of timber and skilled labour hard to find, woodcarvings have become expensive and the exclusive realm of the rich.’
      • ‘The historical museum shows icons and woodcarvings from the region of Kotel.’
      • ‘Austria is highly industrialized, but expert craftsmanship is also valued and can be found in products such as leather goods, pottery, jewelry, woodcarvings, and blown glass.’
      • ‘No one here will try to sell you a mass-produced low-quality woodcarving or ‘original’ oil painting at a special-for-you tourist price of US $100.’
      • ‘The woodcarving was by a Spanish sculptor named Cullot Valera.’