Meaning of woodcutting in English:



See woodcutter

  • ‘From ceramics, fibreglass sculptures, terracotta, fabric printing, printmaking, woodcutting, oil painting to, now, working with mixed media and acrylic on canvas, she is invariably experimenting and changing.’
  • ‘Future conservation will rely increasingly on reserving forests from woodcutting, with the accent on preservation rather than conservation and a likelihood of forest degradation by severe fire.’
  • ‘You know how the theremin, grandfather of the modern synthesizer, sounds kind of like the singing saw - an instrument as old as woodcutting?’
  • ‘The workshop, equipped with the necessary tools, held a number of courses in techniques - lithography, woodcutting and etching.’
  • ‘After the war, Peter Casserly worked on the wharves and got involved in woodcutting and cray fishing.’
  • ‘The 250 stalls offer traditional craft items such as woodcutting from the Erzgebirge and ceramic from Lausitz.’
  • ‘They would help the communities learn which of their organizational traditions are most useful for stand control, for coordinating woodcutting in specific places, and perhaps for distributing the fruits of harvesting the forest.’
  • ‘They spend a smaller part of their lives in the forest and intersperse woodcutting and livestock-herding activities in the forest with long absences for schooling, work in Mexican cities, and emigration to the United States.’
  • ‘They identified 11 types of communities and 42 possible transitions, corresponding to fire, grazing, and woodcutting under different environmental conditions.’
  • ‘The deputy field director today at Ranthambhore, for instance, the indomitable G. V. Reddy, has reversed years of official apathy toward grazing, woodcutting and poaching in the park.’
  • ‘When it was time to build the fire, Quent Stiles and John Blinks, our woodcutting and pit-digging Harvard Medical School students, rounded up volunteers and marched off with ax and saw to a clump of trees.’
  • ‘In addition to the practical considerations favoring the dry wood of dead trees over the wet and heavy wood of living trees, woodcutters in Santa Fe express, and partly practice, an ethic of woodcutting.’
  • ‘The defendants relied upon their prior maintenance of the rail fence, their regular pasturing of cattle and regular woodcutting to establish a possessory title for them and their predecessors in title.’
  • ‘He learned woodcutting in his father's workshop and studied sculpture in Brussels, but he was essentially self-taught in painting, which became his main occupation from 1908.’
  • ‘In 1969, an anthropologist working in Santa Fe de la Laguna decried the uncontrolled woodcutting and timber raiding that was finishing off the forests there.’
  • ‘Hima applies particularly to wildlife and forestry and usually designates an area of land where grazing and woodcutting are restricted, or where certain animal species are protected.’
  • ‘The nobility of woodcutting and its concomitant centrality to British Honduras' mission and existence became associated with the white European side.’
  • ‘When those engaged in woodcutting, woodcarting, raising ore, dressing ore and so on are included, the total number of men working for the company numbered nearly seven hundred!’
  • ‘Men combined agriculture with seasonal migrant work, charcoal burning, woodcutting, and peddling, while women took up wet-nursing, spinning, and weaving.’
  • ‘Fields surrounded the entire village, surrounded in turn by forest, thinned by woodcutting and clearance for pastures.’