Meaning of wooded in English:



  • (of an area of land) covered with woods or many trees.

    ‘a wooded valley’
    • ‘The survey measured tree cover in wooded areas of greater than one hectare using satellite photography.’
    • ‘Finally Alex and Circe turned off the road and walked next to another tree and into a wooded area.’
    • ‘As we walked towards Torc Waterfall through a wooded area, the smell was just appalling.’
    • ‘She ran into a wooded area, off Hillside Road, and although she tried to hide was found.’
    • ‘If you seek shelter in a wooded area, don't stand close to tall trees as they're more likely to be hit and the charge can side flash to you.’
    • ‘The foothills are wooded, except in the south, and shelter valleys with vineyards and orchards.’
    • ‘In the distance the wooded Valley of Desolation takes the eye up to Barden Moor.’
    • ‘Imber is a village nestling in a shallow, partly wooded valley in the centre of the western part of the Plain.’
    • ‘Srebrenica sits in a long narrow valley with wooded slopes rising sharply on either side.’
    • ‘Fifteen minutes later we leave open ground for lovely wooded valley.’
    • ‘Situated in a sheltered wooded valley, our dive site is protected from wind and acts as a suntrap on this bright morning.’
    • ‘A quiet lane then leads down to reach Brockabank Farm in the secluded wooded valley of Eshton Beck.’
    • ‘All teams stay in the adventure lodge, which is set in a wooded valley on the north Pembrokeshire coast.’
    • ‘All is spread out in a picturesque wooded glen with a brook flowing serenely nearby.’
    • ‘Turn left and follow this gradually uphill keeping a little wooded valley on your left.’
    • ‘So we turned our backs on the sea, did a track, a field or two and dipped into our first wooded valley.’
    • ‘The lake, surrounded by wooded hills and heather moorland was beautiful enough.’
    • ‘Found in a wide variety of haunts including open or lightly wooded farmland, moors, wetlands and urban areas.’
    • ‘Symbols and letters in mustard yellow and white were daubed on seats and rocks in the wooded ravine off Wells Road.’
    • ‘A wooded hillside called Coille Mhialairigh rises above the Gleneig to Arnisdale road.’
    forested, afforested, tree-covered, woody
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