Meaning of woodless in English:



See wood

  • ‘The University of Delaware's Affordable Composites from Renewable Sources program is devising techniques to manufacture soy-based plastics that can be used to build hurricane-resistant housing with woodless lumber.’
  • ‘Thanks Jamie for the comments on the Derwent woodless pencils - I think I'll stay away from those!’
  • ‘You'll have to browse the galleries of DW's official woodless construction website for that.’
  • ‘These lacquer-coated woodless pencils are shockingly beautiful with a solid, weighty feel.’
  • ‘The woodless construction technique introduced in the Sahel in the 1980's, eliminates the need for wood for flat roofs by using earth, an abundant building material to construct vault or dome roofs.’
  • ‘A great innovation in the watercolor pencil - woodless, 4mm sticks of brilliant, water-soluble color of exceptional lightfastness.’