Meaning of woodlouse in English:



  • A small terrestrial crustacean with a greyish segmented body and seven pairs of legs, living in damp habitats.

    Oniscus and other genera, order Isopoda. See also and pill woodlouse

    • ‘These tireless toilers of the soil include such creatures as the earthworms, woodlice and millipedes.’
    • ‘The main detritivore taxa were woodlice, millipedes, insects, and gastropods.’
    • ‘In 1890, Dubois confirmed that blinded salamanders displayed an aversion to shorter wavelengths of light, and. in 1895, Finsen extended the results to frogs, earthworms, woodlice, beetles and flies.’
    • ‘The timber buildings suffered from woodworm and supplied an ideal location for woodlice, spiders and wasps.’
    • ‘They liked the design of the packets, the creepy-crawly shapes of the sweets - which include snails, beetles and woodlice - the fruity taste and, most of all, the red syrupy centre.’
    • ‘Children will be able to get answers to all their burning bug questions, like whether a woodlouse eats wood, whether a centipede really has one hundred legs and how a pond skater skates.’
    • ‘Because of my work, people are more aware and they know why there's woodlice in old furniture and that spiders aren't going to harm them.’
    • ‘Another group of children searched the marsh grasses for millipedes, ground beetles and woodlice.’
    • ‘What is happening here is that the spiders are weaving webs and the woodlice are being trapped.’
    • ‘I can't think of a green remedy for woodlice, but as far as the snails are concerned, scattering slug pellets on the ground (inside the greenhouse so birds won't be affected) should help a bit.’
    • ‘‘When you dig into it and see what's in there, the worms and woodlice and other creatures, it is really quite satisfying,’ he says.’
    • ‘Mind you on the plus side the Turkish geckoes were back and joined by a tiny scorpion and a horde of woodlice.’
    • ‘Snack times are juicy snails and slugs, with woodlice for dessert.’
    • ‘I'd love to make wildlife documentary about woodlice living in your house; Daddy Longlegs must seem gigantic, if you're a woodlouse.’
    • ‘Having never seen a woodlouse before, it terrified her.’
    • ‘Shaped vaguely like a woodlouse, these triungulinids, as they are called, are very active little fellows.’
    • ‘I also dreamt about a spider that metamorphosized into a rat, and then changed into a woodlouse!’
    • ‘Ángel's spherical chemical tank, borescope and high-powered binoculars resemble the equipment of a frontier explorer rather a woodlice exterminator.’
    • ‘Old boxes, rotting leaves and abandoned flowerpots are a breeding-ground for slugs and woodlice.’
    • ‘But Mr Frayne complains that ill-fitting windows, a wobbly wall and kitchen units infested with woodlice have made their lives a misery.’