Meaning of woodrat in English:



  • 1A ratlike rodent that accumulates a mound of sticks and debris in the nest hole, native to North and Central America.

    Neotoma and other genera, family Muridae: many species

    • ‘The hawks hunt cooperatively with several birds simultaneously swooping on their prey, which consists of woodrats, jackrabbits, and other birds.’
    • ‘These shelters help to make the nest cooler in the hot summer and to retain the woodrat's body heat in the desert's cold winter.’
    • ‘Metabolic costs increase by approximately 16% for the diurnal ground squirrel, but less than 4% for the nocturnal woodrat.’
    • ‘We also present our data from experiments on water intake of specialist and generalist woodrats (N. albigula) consuming plant secondary compounds from their natural diet.’
    • ‘In the repeated measures analysis, there was not a significant difference between species of woodrats nor was the interaction term significant.’
    • ‘On day 3 of each treatment, woodrats were confined to a portion of their cage that allowed for the separate collection of urine and feces.’
    • ‘We fed woodrats control diets (no toxins) and treatment diets (with juniper toxins) and monitored voluntary water intake.’
    • ‘Patterns of space use were determined from trapping records for all adult female woodrats resident on the site during the 1998 and 1999 breeding seasons.’
    • ‘Researchers did keep a lookout for rare mammals like the Allegheny wood rat, which has not been seen in the area since the 1920s.’
    • ‘Previous investigators have noted that the folivorous, dusky-footed wood rat brings fresh, green foliage into its stickhouse.’
    • ‘Both sites are currently occupied wood rat middens that contain specimens accumulated over the past 3000 years.’
    • ‘Dimples and scratches in the sand also reveal the presence of numerous small mammals, including kangaroo rats, ground squirrels, pocket mice, and wood rats.’
    • ‘The leaves might provide home fumigation, wood rat style, the researchers speculate.’
    • ‘Other animals that may carry and transmit the disease include beavers, muskrats, water and field voles, water and wood rats, squirrels, and lemmings.’
    • ‘For all the interest in leopards, Waser thinks philopatry may turn out to be more common in species such as beavers, wood rats and kangaroo rats-animals in which females make large investments in their ranges.’
    • ‘Abert's and northern flying squirrels, as well as martens and bushy-tailed wood rats, are known to utilize witches'-brooms for nesting or protection.’
    • ‘They are also prime real estate for red squirrels, bushy-tailed wood rats, northern goshawks, great gray owls, and long-eared owls.’
    • ‘Repenning's proposal, from his analysis of the wood rats, that the fossils accumulated when the cave was at a lower elevation, provides an alternative explanation of origin for debate.’
    • ‘Potential overlap in annual activity time between rattlesnakes and nocturnal prey, such as wood rats, is minimized or eliminated altogether by canopy vegetation.’
    • ‘Whitewater-Arroyo virus was found in wood rats in the early 1990s in New Mexico.’
  • 2

    (also wood rat)
    A forest-dwelling rat found in southern Asia.

    Rattus, Cremnomys, and other genera, family Muridae