Meaning of woodrush in English:



  • A grasslike plant that typically has long flat leaves fringed with long hairs.

    Genus Luzula, family Juncaceae: many species

    • ‘Violets, woodrushes, Silene, Lychnis, periwinkles and Alchemilla mollis are all plants that will thrive in the dry, shady conditions provided by the hedge, and for a splash of colour I could use climbing nasturtiums or morning glory.’
    • ‘Honeysuckle, fraochan, wood sorrel, bugle, blue-bell, few-flowered woodrush, royal fern, hay-scented buckler fern and foxglove all occur on the forest floor along with numerous mosses and liverworts.’
    • ‘Birch, alder, ash and hazel line the path, and the Grotaig Burn forms a steep-sided gorge for part of the way, the sides of which are covered with ferns and woodrush.’
    • ‘Among the seeds have been dozens of plant species, including bedstraw, buttercup, fairy bells, green and gold, ornamental onion, silverleaf, violet, woodrush, and Wright's nut-rush.’
    • ‘The garden has large patches of bright green moss, fleshy fungi, galloping weeds and, worst of all, a mighty infestation of woodrush.’