Meaning of woodscrew in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwʊdskruː/


  • A tapering metal screw with a sharp point.

    ‘Position the pieces at least 12 inches from the edges of the opening, and fasten them with woodscrews to the joists.’
    • ‘Bolts are about 6 long and made of unfletched wood; their metal points are threaded like a coarse woodscrew to facilitate removal from the lead plates used as backstops.’
    • ‘The modern adjustable woodscrew chuck has the advantage of varying the length of fixing screw.’
    • ‘Obviously, a good wood finish is important, but woodscrews can also suffer in the weather.’
    • ‘The traditional woodscrew has either a flat head for driving flush with the wood surface or setting into a counterbore, or a round head that sits above the surface.’
    • ‘Use single thread, lubricated woodscrew with slots to avoid splitting.’
    • ‘The pozi woodscrew is a metal screw that tapers to a point so that it can be driven into wood with a screwdriver.’
    • ‘The efficient twin-threaded shank ensures that the screw is driven home in half the time of conventional woodscrews without splitting or stripping the material, whilst the hardened form virtually eliminates damage to the recess or threads.’