Meaning of woodsmoke in English:



mass noun
  • The smoke from a wood fire.

    • ‘Callan choked back the scent of burning metal mixed with earth and fire and woodsmoke.’
    • ‘As I watched, crouching, the fire's color changed, the smell of woodsmoke grew sharper in my nostrils, the sound of the rain and flames meeting in annihilation became as crisp as the whuff of my own breath in my ears.’
    • ‘When the train stopped before the long pull up Raton Pass, I stepped down from the vestibule into the coolness of the dawn and the good smell of the creosote in the railway ties and woodsmoke rising from the stucco houses in the valley.’
    • ‘The precious limited-edition buckwheat tastes like an afternoon in an old library, all gingerbread, port, currants, leather, tobacco, and woodsmoke.’
    • ‘And on spring nights of purple sunsets, with woodsmoke scenting the air and new-born lambs covering the hillsides like little balls of cottonwool, it must have been heavenly.’
    • ‘The light is weak and watery and the air reeks of woodsmoke, but at least it is not raining, a blessing to those who must spend a long, laborious day harvesting olives ahead of the inevitable frost.’
    • ‘The taste of it on my tongue strikes a chord deep within me, the way that the smell of woodsmoke or Grandma's perfume does for some.’
    • ‘It was still possible to meander down country lanes, see horses pull ploughs and smell woodsmoke from the chimneys of thatched cottages in the evenings.’
    • ‘Freewheeling through such scenery, with the smell of pine intermingling with woodsmoke in the breeze, one feels an irrepressible high.’
    • ‘The whole place smells of wildflowers, woodsmoke and horse dung.’
    • ‘Smoke from the fire streamed up to a hole in the roof: but the air was filled with woodsmoke nonetheless.’
    • ‘As the wind blew over the rooftops and down into the street it carried the smell of woodsmoke with it.’
    • ‘There are some places though where woodsmoke is particularly dangerous, due to topography and climate and the like; are there some places where there shouldn't be any woodburning heaters?’
    • ‘California's dawn is subtly different from Virginia's; the air is perfumed, not by woodsmoke and age, but by carbon monoxide, sea salt and sun-warmed rock.’
    • ‘Irritants in the air such as tobacco or woodsmoke, perfumes, aerosol sprays, cleaning products, and fumes from paint or cooking gas can all trigger asthma flare-ups.’
    • ‘Orange, rust, ruby red, gold: These are the colors of autumn, forever associated with falling leaves, woodsmoke, and sweater weather.’
    • ‘The weather was crisp and cool, with the smell of woodsmoke in the air.’
    • ‘A tiny fire of dead greasewood branches warms my hands and perfumes the air with pungent woodsmoke.’
    • ‘If it's feeling windy and I smell faint woodsmoke, I expect colder weather within a couple days.’
    • ‘Back up the hill the road turns from dust to ancient flagstones, columns of woodsmoke rise from distant farmhouses, and there's little traffic save perhaps a duckherd and his charges.’