Meaning of woodstar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwʊdstɑː/


  • A very small American hummingbird found in tropical forests, with a green back and typically a red or purple throat.

    Family Trochilidae: several genera and species

    ‘The bill may be proportionately longer on some woodstars, but really, they look about the same on average.’
    • ‘They've been named wood nymphs, comets, mountain gems, fairies, sunbeams, plummeteers, sun angels and woodstars by the people who discovered them.’
    • ‘Hummingbirds’ names evoke their exquisite qualities and variety, from sabrewings to woodstars to sunangels - to this Green Violet-ear.’
    • ‘To see this large hummer feeding with the woodstars highlighted the size difference and feeding styles in the hummingbird family.’
    • ‘The woodstars are quite different from the other hummers.’
    • ‘In the tropics their names are much more expressive of their dazzling colors: starthroats, emeralds, sapphires, woodnymphs, mountain-gems, woodstars, and coquettes.’
    • ‘Come and hear about antipittas, velvetbrests, hillstars, starfrontlets, sunangels, pufflegs, woodstars, motmots, barbets, toucanets, piculets, antshrikes, etc. with photos by Martin.’
    • ‘Not knowing anything about the taxonomy of these birds, are Mango's, and woodstars, different to ‘ordinary’ hummingbirds or are the names just arbitrary?’
    • ‘The woodstars are among the smallest hummers; an example is the Bahama Woodstar, restricted to those Caribbean islands off Florida.’