Meaning of woodswallow in English:



  • A long-winged Australasian and southern Asian bird related to the Australian butcher-birds, feeding on insects in flight.

    Family Artamidae and genus Artamus: several species

    • ‘One of their major discoveries concerned Australian passerines: birds like fairy-wrens, Austra-Papuan robins and woodswallows had all been placed in different groups of Old World birds, as suggested by their names.’
    • ‘At the dam there are hundreds of woodswallows congregating for their drink and preparing to roost.’
    • ‘Considered to be the most sedentary of the woodswallows, it will move to coastal areas during droughts.’
    • ‘The absence of woodswallows is probably a seasonal phenomenon.’
    • ‘The corellas and woodswallows were very agitated about the owl.’
    • ‘Neighbourhood watch: do neighbours provide safety to nests in colonially nesting woodswallows?’