Meaning of woodwasp in English:



another term for horntail
  • ‘At low populations, sirex woodwasp selects suppressed, stressed, and injured trees for egg laying.’
  • ‘The species belonging to the family Xiphidriidae are similar to woodwasps both in appearance and life history.’
  • ‘The woodwasp is not typically a pest in its native habits in Europe, Asia and northern Africa.’
  • ‘When that wave of traps produced woodwasps, the dragnet was extended to a 50-mile and then a 70-mile radius.’
  • ‘It was the first such woodwasp, Sirex noctilio Fabricius, ever found in the wild in the United States.’
  • ‘The Sirex woodwasp has also been reported in 6 locations in southern Ontario, Canada.’
  • ‘The only other woodwasp in the United States was found in 2002 in Indiana but that was in a warehouse, not the wild, Hoebeke said.’
  • ‘Sirex noctilio is an invasive, non-native pest that is a woodwasp native to Europe and Asia that has been introduced into New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.’
  • ‘Therefore, in instances when woodwasp larvae are detected, inspection forms simply list ‘Siricidae; species of’ instead of the species name.’
  • ‘However, thinning and pruning should be avoided during woodwasp flight season since these activities wound trees and may attract pests or leave them susceptible to infestation.’
  • ‘On July 10, 2007, USDA confirmed the detection of a single female Sirex noctilio woodwasp in Macomb County, Michigan.’
  • ‘You may find during the course of the year a huge variety of interesting fungi, woodwasps, tunnelling beetles, centipedes, and millipedes.’
  • ‘At low populations, the woodwasps select ailing trees, and the rate of spread in the U.S. is uncertain in part because of competition from native bark beetles, according to a risk analysis for APHIS.’
  • ‘Finally in December 1954 Perry found permanent employment with the Commonwealth Health Department's Plant Quarantine Division where she was once again employed in the study of Sirex woodwasps.’
  • ‘Nematodes have been successfully deployed against a wide range of insect pests, including white grubs, weevils, fruit flies and woodwasps.’
  • ‘This Australian Unit located in England is undertaking an investigation of siricid woodwasps and their natural enemies in coniferous forests in Europe; the ultimate objective is the biological control of Sirex noctilio F. in Australia.’
  • ‘Due to their fearsome appearance and large size, we often receive enquiries from people who have found woodwasps.’
  • ‘Nearly all the Symphyta are phytophagous (plant eating) and the group includes the leaf-eating sawflies and the wood-boring woodwasps.’
  • ‘This book is a compilation of articles about the basal group of the Hymenoptera, the Symphyta (sawflies and woodwasps).’
  • ‘Woodborers including the long-horned beetles, metallic woodborers, and woodwasps were sorted to species.’