Meaning of woodwind in English:



treated as singular or plural
  • Wind instruments other than brass instruments forming a section of an orchestra, including flutes, oboes, clarinets, and bassoons.

    ‘striking passages for woodwind and brass’
    as modifier ‘a woodwind instrument’
    • ‘The shortcomings of the Queensland Orchestra's woodwind and brass sections are widely discussed in arts circles.’
    • ‘Today we find women in brass, percussion and woodwind sections, as well as the safe-havens of strings and harpdom.’
    • ‘The entire woodwind and brass sections were all off stage!’
    • ‘This requires that when the violins are playing, a camera is on the violins, ditto the brass, ditto the woodwind and every other section of the orchestra, with occasional shots of the conductor, preferably when he's at his most histrionic.’
    • ‘Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony displayed the orchestra's qualities to the full, with rich soloistic playing by woodwind and brass sections, notably the horn solo in the slow movement and its imitation by oboe and strings.’
    • ‘The Lismore Music Festival Society will hold its 92nd Eisteddfod in August and September this year with sections in woodwind, brass, piano, string, vocal, spoken word and dance.’
    • ‘Piano classes start on Thursday, together with brass and woodwind instruments and handbell orchestras.’
    • ‘Feldman scored it for an ensemble consisting of doubled woodwind quartet, brass septet, string quartet, and a trio of harp, piano, and vibraphone.’
    • ‘These charming songs exist in two different versions, the first for baritone and string quartet, and the second for tenor and woodwind quartet (oboe, cor anglais, clarinet and bassoon).’
    • ‘It would be misleading to assert that a woodwind trio (oboe, clarinet, bassoon) has a propensity for entertaining music rather than solid serious stuff.’
    • ‘The performances by the school orchestra and woodwind, brass and string soloists delighted a 120-strong audience of family and friends at the Granville Road school.’
    • ‘The Waterloo Stage production loses some of the bigness of the musical numbers, however, by replicating the brass and woodwind instruments on a synthesizer.’
    • ‘The categories of competition are woodwind, brass, strings, piano and vocal.’
    • ‘The same general comments apply equally well to other musical instrument capable of a sustained tone such as the woodwind and brass instruments.’
    • ‘With the brass and woodwind programs repair bills are very expensive.’
    • ‘The business end of the Compton Organ - there are hundreds of settings and keys allowing the player the option of car horns, percussion, keyboard, brass and woodwind sounds and more.’
    • ‘The 40-piece band, led by flight lieutenant John Buckley RAAF, includes woodwind, brass, percussion and vocal ensembles.’
    • ‘I did also play in a woodwind orchestra, but the trumpet is very traditional and plays a big role in mining bands.’
    • ‘The groups which performed include strings, woodwind and brass musicians and performances were also be given by some vocal soloists.’
    • ‘Judd made no attempt to tidy up the sheer chaos of this music, presenting its many dynamic extremes without apology, never subduing its often seemingly random accompanying noises of bells, woodwind flutterings and bassoon growls.’