Meaning of woodworker in English:



See woodwork

  • ‘A master carpenter and woodworker, examples of his skills can be seen in many establishments in Rosses Point, Colm is very grateful for any help or support you can give.’
  • ‘There he worked as an ouvrier amongst many other German woodworkers and cabinetmakers in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, and in 1881 he married the daughter of the German owner of the hostelery he resided in.’
  • ‘However, those who worked mainly inside - the carpenters and woodworkers, plumbers, plasterers - all voted against by a clear majority.’
  • ‘For instance, there's the double-claw hammer used by woodworkers and carpenters to pull up nails with more ease than a single claw hammer.’
  • ‘By 1825 more than a dozen cabinetmakers and other woodworkers had established themselves in or near Huntsville alone.’