Meaning of woodworking in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwʊdˌwəːkɪŋ/

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mass nounNorth American
  • The activity or skill of making things from wood; woodwork.

    ‘He said last year, somebody was talking about the woodworking I do.’
    • ‘While Nicholson found his calling in the pulpit, he also continued to put his woodworking to work for his congregation.’
    • ‘One could easily spend the best part of a weekend ambling through the village with its woodworking and weaving workshops.’
    • ‘He did the plumbing, the electrical wiring, the woodworking.’
    • ‘Elms, oaks, and pines were popular on English signs, reflecting their usefulness in the various woodworking trades.’
    • ‘When setting up a woodworking or auto repair area, don't bolt power tools to the bench all at once.’
    • ‘Mosaic woodworking is also practiced and is used in the construction of boxes, trays, tables, desks, and game boards.’
    • ‘The woodworking and leather assembly areas sit side-by-side near the assembly line.’
    • ‘Adrian had taken a woodworking and carpentry course in high school, so this would be a piece of cake.’
    • ‘His brother used to work as a woodworking labourer.’
    • ‘Very little detail is necessary for painting so there's no need to be an artist, and the woodworking skills required are practically nil.’
    • ‘Behind the computer operations, the woodworking rooms are more what you would expect an organ company to look like.’
    • ‘In his retirement years he enjoyed his woodworking hobbies.’
    • ‘These humorous, eye-catching designs are much less of a woodworking project than they are a painting assignment.’
    • ‘All can be made from some scrap lumber, a small amount of paint, and our full-size woodworking plans.’
    • ‘Standard woodworking tools, stains, and finishes can be used.’
    • ‘My friends Max and Bill, both woodworkers, were sharing a cooperative woodworking shop on the North Side, and it had an opening.’
    • ‘This summer, Old Sturbridge Village has expanded its regular woodworking demonstrations to include carpentry.’
    • ‘This experience enabled him to hone his woodworking skills.’
    • ‘Vintage woodworking machinery trade catalogs have proved invaluable in uncovering the history of some of these companies.’