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  • A loudspeaker designed to reproduce low frequencies.

    ‘A 150-watt subwoofer hooks up with two satellites that hold four-inch woofers and one-inch tweeters to generate crisp highs and a clear midrange.’
    • ‘Most so-called subwoofers are just woofers; real subwoofers address subsonic and very low bass frequencies, so you can feel them in the pit of your stomach.’
    • ‘For music lovers there are in-car entertainment systems including CD changers, amplifiers, woofers, speakers and tweeters in a mind-boggling range.’
    • ‘It's got everything - woofers, tweeters, cup holder and an impressive-looking front panel that screams ‘Hey, look at me!’’
    • ‘A 1-inch domed tweeter sits between the woofers.’
    • ‘Your woofers and tweeters better be in pretty good shape to take this kind of battering, I can tell you.’
    • ‘Sigma 6.2s are sold as closely matched pairs, with one unit featuring a tweeter that is offset slightly to the left of the woofer's center and the other unit sporting a tweeter offset slightly to the right.’
    • ‘Whenever one of those cars with amps, woofers, and speakers cranked up passes by going bang, bang, bang, etc., my whole body shutters.’
    • ‘With this particular solution, I split the difference between accuracy and reality, choosing a bass boost through augmentation rather than attempting EQ and potentially overdriving the 6-inch woofers - or my ears.’
    • ‘The little 7-inch woofers on these small two-ways seemed more like 10-inch drivers, but with tight, well-articulated bass.’
    • ‘Miles away from everything, they drove in Grey's old black Sunfire with the worn leather roof down and a burned CD of the local band wailing from his self-installed woofers.’
    • ‘The woofer has been painted white, with the exception of the back, which shows the woofers original press-board color.’
    • ‘In this world, you are nothing without four woofers the size of bin lids stapled into your boot, each one vibrating obscenely to the latest sounds.’
    • ‘The bass, however, is so cranked that you have to wonder if this album was made just for the kind of guys who spend thousands on woofers to present at the next car show.’
    • ‘The giant woofers set the tune for the rest of the evening.’
    • ‘Already he could see the black lights waving to and fro, feel the woofers pulsing through the night air.’
    • ‘With my newly acquired basso profundo, I'll be blowing out woofers all over town; just you wait and see.’
    • ‘I had a fantasy that it was off to drive round the local council estate with the windows wound down and Wagner booming out of the woofers.’
    • ‘The woofer and the HF driver both have their own characteristics, but in the crossover region, typically between 1 and 2 kHz, both the horn driver and the woofer are contributing.’
    • ‘The woofer is driven by 50W RMS of power, which, combined with 10W from each of the five satellites, brings the total system power up to 100W RMS.’



/ˈwuːfə/ /ˈwʊfə/


1930s from the verb woof+ -er.