Meaning of wool-like in English:



See wool

  • ‘We believe that it may be suffering from an aphid attack as it is covered in cotton wool-like clusters which have formed on the underside of the tree's branches.’
  • ‘By comparison, rock wool, which is sometimes mistaken for vermiculite insulation because of its similar light gray to dark gray color, is thick and wool-like in appearance, as opposed to granular.’
  • ‘He wore plain dark trainers, black jeans, a white pullover and a black wool-like coat, with a navy shoulder strap bag hanging behind him.’
  • ‘The Russian poodle's body was said to resembled a greyhound; in Germany the poodle had a thicker body and a wool-like coat.’
  • ‘Hansen says large parts of the dam have already been cleaned up, using cotton wool-like absorbent fibres to literally soak up the oil that covers the dam.’