Meaning of wool away! in English:

wool away!


Australian, New Zealand
  • A shearer's call requesting the clearing away of a newly shorn fleece.

    ‘when he finished he shouted ‘wool away’ at the top of his voice’
    • ‘You try to keep up with the shearers all day, and dread the moment when they shout, "Wool away".’
    • ‘If the board hand is slow and fails to clear the wool out of the shearer's way in time, the shearer will be heard to cry "wool away".’
    • ‘Even today, I sometimes long to hear the old cry "Wool away here," yelled by some angry shearer.’
    • ‘As the creaking wheels turn they seem to take up the cry—"Wool away!"’
    • ‘The shear-blades were a-clicking to the cry of "Wool away!"’
    • ‘Two minutes later the cry of "Wool away" rises over the drone of machinery.’
    • ‘A shout of 'Wool away!' brings a rouseabout scampering.’
    • ‘The snowy, fleece of the last sheep is kicked aside, and a yell of "Wool away!" brings a "picker-up" scampering along the board.’