Meaning of wool cheque in English:

wool cheque


Australian, New Zealand
  • The total amount of money received from the sale of a season's wool.

    ‘the 1951–2 wool cheque was the second highest on record’
    • ‘The loss of income from the loss of the huge blocks of land is $33 million with regard to the wool cheque for merino flocks.’
    • ‘The last wool cheque had been so small that he'd twice had to go to ask at the bank for a loan.’
    • ‘Half the wool cheque for the next three years, and then a sale of some heifers, finally put a stop to those red letters arriving every month.’
    • ‘Years ago, the wool cheque would have covered the rent of the farm.’
    • ‘When I first got into the industry the wool cheque was the chief form of income on the farm—now it's the meat cheque.’
    • ‘He must have gotten his wool cheque as he was well done up.’