Meaning of wool classer in English:

wool classer


Australian, New Zealand
  • A person who grades fleeces after shearing.

    ‘the fleece is loosely rolled so that the middle is on top, ready for the wool classer’
    • ‘I was a shearing shed's wool classer.’
    • ‘He recently retired after 24 years as wool-classer at Gostwyck.’
    • ‘The wool classer has been selected to attend a rural leadership course this month.’
    • ‘Before establishing himself as a popular country and western singer, he worked country New South Wales as a wool classer.’
    • ‘He became a successful wool farmer and wool-classer, met and married, and the couple adopted a son.’
    • ‘They are working as rouseabouts, penning or catching the sheep and cleaning the wool for the wool classer.’
    • ‘He later travelled the shearing sheds of Australia as a wool classer.’
    • ‘He was at various times a wool classer, a bar clerk, and a station hand, but he was always a proud trade unionist.’
    • ‘She grew up in Sydney with her mother and step-dad, a wool-classer who worked with many indigenous people.’
    • ‘He grew up on a wheat and sheep farm and became a wool classer when he left school.’
    • ‘He is a wool classer and self-confessed maestro sheep handler and has lanolin running through his veins.’
    • ‘He was well known in the area as a shearer and wool classer.’