Meaning of wool press in English:

wool press


Australian, New Zealand
  • A machine that compresses bales of wool to make them easier and cheaper to transport.

    ‘there is a roar of machinery and the clinkety-clank of the wool press’
    • ‘Outside the museum is a model of a shearing shed from the colonial period with the blades for shearing and a wool press.’
    • ‘He was trying to reduce costs this year by using a hired wool press.’
    • ‘The bottom floor has an original Heidelberg letterpress, milking sheds, a wool press and a delivery van from 1938.’
    • ‘One of the things we did as children was to stamp around in the wool as it came off the sheep and was gathered into the wool press.’
    • ‘Each city had a wool press for compressing and bundling the fibers for the long overseas journey.’