Meaning of wool pressing in English:

wool pressing


mass nounAustralian, New Zealand
  • The practice of compressing bales of wool to make them easier and cheaper to transport.

    ‘they bought a steam engine, to be used for wool pressing’
    • ‘Other displays show shearing and wool pressing.’
    • ‘Held annually since 1958, this three-day event in late February or early March hosts eye-popping sessions of speed-shearing, wool handling and wool pressing.’
    • ‘He was not a fast shearer so the work normally involved roustabouting, piece picking or wool pressing.’
    • ‘A novel yet surprisingly effective method of wool-pressing uses the pressure of the atmosphere to compress wool into a bale of standard size and shape.’
    • ‘You need to supervise the wool pressing to avoid mixed lines and branding errors.’