Meaning of wool roller in English:

wool roller


Australian, New Zealand
  • (in sheep shearing) a person whose job is trimming shorn fleeces and rolling them up to make them ready for grading.

    ‘the rouseabout was waiting for the fleece and he carried it to the wool roller’
    • ‘The wool roller aims at rolling the fleece in such a manner that the shoulder and side wool are left exposed.’
    • ‘After I'd run down with the fleece to the wool roller, I had to hurry back and sweep the wool away.’
    • ‘A picker-up gathered the fleece with a great show of labour and care, and tabled it, to the disgust of old Scotty, the wool-roller.’
    • ‘The wool-roller should be well over his work, and a table 2 feet 10 inches in height is about right.’
    • ‘In sheds requiring more than one wool-roller, the better plan is to allot two rollers to each table.’