Meaning of wool rolling in English:

wool rolling


mass nounAustralian, New Zealand
  • (in sheep shearing) the process of trimming shorn fleeces and rolling them up to make them ready for grading.

    ‘the boss sacked them, and did the wool rolling himself’
    • ‘This involved everything in the shed—penning up, roustabouting, wool rolling, classing, pressing and letting go.’
    • ‘Wool rolling had been abandoned for the moment.’
    • ‘Sometimes we would just go as rouseabouts, picking up or wool rolling.’
    • ‘A free labor agency supplied laborers for the pastoral industry on the work of wool-rolling and piece-picking.’
    • ‘One morning while I was hard at work wool rolling, I noticed the station owner, the boss of the board, and the wool classer watching my actions.’