Meaning of wool scour in English:

wool scour


Australian, New Zealand
  • An establishment where raw wool is washed to remove dirt and natural grease.

    ‘the historic wool scour is now a living museum and a direct physical link to Australia's pioneering era’
    • ‘Sunday excursions were by courtesy of Jack, my mother's manager of the wool scour.’
    • ‘In 1918, she sold the wool scour and shifted to Timaru just after I started at college.’
    • ‘This was a thriving community with a quarry producing limestone, building stone and coal, a saddlery, a railway station, a post office and a wool scour.’
    • ‘The drying room of the woolscour was destroyed by fire on 5 September 1895.’
    • ‘He started the Epworth woolscour at Temuka in 1873 and later another at Silverstream near Fairlie.’
    • ‘The sheds at the woolscour were a haven for sparrow nests and easy to climb to.’
    • ‘She leased the fifty odd acres with the Wool Scour, but we had the grazing for the cows, always one, sometimes two.’
    • ‘The Wool Scour is now fully restored to its 1908 condition.’
    • ‘The charming town I had the privilege of visiting has long played second fiddle to its neighbour, which is well known for its colossal Wool Scour.’
    • ‘The second largest dairy factory in the world is on its doorstep, as is the largest wool scour in the Southern Hemisphere.’