Meaning of woolly-minded in English:



  • Vague or confused in character or expression.

    ‘Mawdsley had no time for woolly-minded socialists’
    • ‘I've been asked my opinion, then called a woolly-minded idealist, an economic ingenue.’
    • ‘He was drunk on ideas, a deadly tipple for woolly-minded pseudo-intellectuals.’
    • ‘He was just one of those good-hearted, woolly-minded men who were guided by emotions on everything.’
    • ‘Equally skilful is the progress of Waverley from his woolly-minded ignorance at the opening to the knowledge of the world he acquires from experience.’
    • ‘The skeptic became a woolly-minded idealist!’
    • ‘There remains, unfortunately - and, perhaps, inevitably - a surfeit of woolly-minded writing and talk about emotions and their expression.’
    • ‘I think he's woolly-minded.’
    • ‘One doesn't have to be a woolly-minded techno-utopian to criticize this as pandering to reactionary fogeys.’
    • ‘There's a lot of woolly-minded wishful thinking in his essay.’
    • ‘The worldly, tough-minded economist has joined the other-worldly, woolly minded theologian or classicist in the literary repertoire.’
    • ‘John Stuart was the quintessence of soft rather than hardcore, a woolly minded man of mush in striking contrast to his steel-edged father.’
    • ‘I've heard someone furiously dismiss all animal charities as supported by woolly minded morons because humans have enough problems without worrying about herons.’
    • ‘Don't be woolly minded by sticking with the bog-standard bank account you've had since you started work or college.’
    • ‘I think the Bishop is a wooly minded and misguided liberal.’
    stupefied, addled, befuddled, confused, muddled, bewildered, dumbfounded, dazed, stunned, dizzy, muzzy, groggy, foggy, fuzzy, vague, disorientated, disoriented, all at sea, mixed up, at a loss, at sixes and sevens