Meaning of woolly hat in English:

woolly hat


  • A simple close-fitting hat made of wool or similar material.

    ‘people wrapped in scarves and woolly hats’
    • ‘Her long tresses hang out from underneath a vast woolly hat.’
    • ‘The temperature was 90F, yet the woolly hat was still in place.’
    • ‘The woodcarver, wearing a woolly hat, oversized jumper and baggy pants, then moved behind a large tree in his garden.’
    • ‘On this occasion he wore a woolly hat instead of a helmet because it was cold.’
    • ‘This is one walk that you will be more than glad to have a woolly hat with you, to keep your ears nice and toasty.’
    • ‘They'll steal your woolly hat and waterproof jacket, drink your flask of hot coffee and eat all your chocolate.’
    • ‘Mountains are vitally important for our well-being even if we never put on hiking boots and a woolly hat to climb them.’
    • ‘He even has his own green woolly hat that he wears for matches.’
    • ‘It's so cold that going out without a woolly hat on is really a silly idea.’
    • ‘It's cold in the pavilion—this year's essential accessory is a woolly hat.’
    • ‘His own safety gear consisted of goggles and a woolly hat, he said, despite a 35-year-long skiing career 'of relentless incompetence'.’
    • ‘The parishioners of St Bernard's Church support the work of the charity in numerous ways, including knitting woolly hats.’
    • ‘There was a real electric, festive atmosphere going on, with all the kids in their woolly hats.’
    • ‘By day three, the girls had resorted to covering their greasy hair with woolly hats.’
    • ‘We were supposed to be knee-deep in snow amid a boom time for the manufacturers of gloves and woolly hats.’
    • ‘The crowd was quite young, mostly twenty somethings in unintentionally comic woolly hats.’