Meaning of woolly mammoth in English:

woolly mammoth


  • A mammoth that was adapted to the cold periods of the Pleistocene, with a long shaggy coat, small ears, and a thick layer of fat. Individuals are sometimes found frozen in the permafrost of Siberia.

    Mammuthus primigenius, family Elephantidae

    • ‘For example, they hope to find some intact nuclei preserved in 20,000 year-old carcasses of woolly mammoths frozen in the permafrost in Siberia.’
    • ‘So while the Irish elk preferred relatively temperate conditions and semi-woodland habitats, the woolly mammoth was adapted to cold temperatures and open tundra.’
    • ‘There has been much controversy over how many woolly mammoths are frozen in the permafrost of Siberia.’
    • ‘Prehistoric elephants - not just the woolly mammoths of Siberia, but others, such as American mastodons - were a common sight across the northern half of the globe.’
    • ‘Some have even asked me if the animals were frozen in ice, like the famous cases of the woolly mammoths of Siberia, trapped snap-frozen by a sudden snowstorm.’
    • ‘Geologists say it probably once belonged to a woolly mammoth or a mastodon.’
    • ‘Japanese scientists, working with Russians, have for years been searching for mammoth carcasses to use for reviving woolly mammoths, which would then be introduced into Pleistocene Park.’
    • ‘If scientists are able to recreate woolly mammoths using frozen DNA, the animals may have a home in Russia's Pleistocene Park, where scientists are restoring a Siberian habitat to Ice Age conditions.’
    • ‘These mammals are icons of the Paleoindian period: woolly mammoths, giant ancestral species of bison, mountain sheep, pronghorn, elk and deer.’
    • ‘There's still plenty of grunting and groaning, but it sounds less like a woolly mammoth and more like a woolly mammoth chasing and catching a gazelle.’
    • ‘Modern elephants and woolly mammoths share a common ancestor that split into separate species about 6 million years ago, the study reports.’
    • ‘Siberian woolly mammoths made their way over the Bering land bridge to the New World long before mercantile ships made the journey.’
    • ‘Dartford Museum in Market Street, houses some remains of animals found in the area including woolly mammoths and rhinoceroses.’
    • ‘The Klondike Goldfields are one of the world's major sources of fossilized woolly mammoths and the plants and animals of their time.’
    • ‘The hardy woolly mammoths, for instance, thrived in the cold of Ice Age Siberia.’
    • ‘In their weaning study, Fisher and his colleagues analyzed a juvenile woolly mammoth tusk from Wrangel Island in northern Siberia.’
    • ‘Fortunately, fossils of woolly mammoths are abundant in many parts of this species' former range.’
    • ‘New DNA research reveals that woolly mammoths were more closely related to modern Asian elephants than to African elephants.’
    • ‘They study elephants to try to determine the habits of woolly mammoths, which is useful I suppose, but there is no way to prove there is a correlation.’
    • ‘Ice Age America boasted huge sabre-toothed tigers, woolly bison, giant antelopes and the woolly mammoth.’