Meaning of woollyback in English:



  • 1informal A sheep.

    ‘it was really nice to be reminded of all that fresh air, steep hills, and woollybacks’
    ‘who let the woollybacks loose?’
  • 2British informal, derogatory A person from an area traditionally associated with sheep farming, characterized as unsophisticated or provincial.

    ‘Isn't the big place in Cardiff for rugby? The woollybacks love that scrum stuff’
    ‘she was born in Leicestershire and has lived there ever since, earning her the rather dubious title of 'woollyback'’
    1. 2.1(in Liverpool) a person from outside Liverpool, especially one from the neighbouring areas of Lancashire or the Wirral peninsula.
      ‘my mum got off with a woollyback and went to live in Accrington’
      ‘try and find a scouser at Anfield these days— it's near impossible—full of woollybacks’


Mid 19th century from woolly + back.