Meaning of woollybutt in English:



  • An Australian eucalyptus with thick fibrous bark.

    Several species in the genus Eucalyptus, family Myrtaceae

    • ‘Dramatically, single species emerge, like alpine ash, and the woollybutts that are signposts of regular winter snow.’
    • ‘In the more dense woodland away from the coastline, stands of the distinctive Kentia Palms which reach for the sky among the stringybarks and woollybutts.’
    • ‘If the woollybutts are also pruned early and the foster species thinned at mid rotation, interesting fat logs could be grown in medium rotations.’
    • ‘The other eucalypts can be broken up very broadly into two classes: those with rough permanent barks which are called stringybarks, boxes, and ironbarks: and those which want the best of both eucalypt worlds, the blackbutts and woollybutts, which have smooth upper branches and rough bark trunks.’
    • ‘It was full of woollybutts, a beautiful flowering gum tree whose name I am unable to type correctly at first attempt, and boabs or bottle trees, which look like someone's attached a pump to a normal tree and left it to inflate for an hour.’