Meaning of woolman in English:



  • A wool merchant or dealer.

    • ‘By 1180 an ancient guild of woolmen had been established, and was even fined by King Henry 11 for operating without his license.’
    • ‘Every company from apothecaries to woolmen is bookmarked and you will find a history, a description of the central hall and the treasures, income and expenditure and its charitable activities.’
    • ‘Witney woolmen in the early 15th century included John Hood, a subsidy commissioner and possibly a merchant of the Staple.’
    • ‘From the late 14th century until the early 16th century woolmen based in Northleach collected the wool from Turkdean for sale to London merchants and the agents of European wool buyers whose appreciation of the quality of Cotswold wool percolated into significantly increased prosperity for the Northleach merchants and the sheep-based farmers of the surrounding parishes.’
    • ‘The smaller producers’ wool was bought by wool merchants (or wool mongers or woolmen or broggers, as they might also be known).’