Meaning of Woolmark in English:



  • An international quality symbol for wool instituted by the International Wool Secretariat.

    • ‘Ilkley-based Woolmark - the world's leading wool promotion company - said sales of Sportwool garments, which are licensed to manufacturers, increased by 250 per cent in 2002 compared to 2001.’
    • ‘I know that those 96.9 percent of farmers have been disappointed in the performance of Woolmark and the Wool Board to this point, and particularly in recent years, because many of them have spoken to me and to others in the National Party.’
    • ‘The same holds true with other famous marques, like the golden arches or the Woolmark.’
    • ‘Recent figures by ABARE and Woolmark show a mixed forecast for commodities, particularly wool.’
    • ‘Experiments with new wool-lined duvets had proved so successful that even the Princess Royal had written to Woolmark expressing her appreciation that one had been sent to the Royal household.’