Meaning of Woolsack in English:



  • 1(in the UK) the Lord Chancellor's wool-stuffed seat in the House of Lords. It is said to have been adopted in Edward III's reign as a reminder to the Lords of the importance to England of the wool trade.

    • ‘Her husband - an Earl - became nearly as notorious when he leapt on the Woolsack in the House of Lords and exclaimed ‘Treason!’’
    • ‘By Friday, the hyper-crony was seated on the Woolsack, smirking like a small boy who had been allowed to drive his father's car.’
    • ‘In 1621 the Standing Orders of the House of Lords stated: ‘That the Lord Chancellor sitteth upon the Woolsack as Speaker of the House.’’
    • ‘Other evidence includes the statue in Stratford-upon-Avon in which the Bard is portrayed as sitting on the Woolsack, the prerogative of the Lord Chancellor in Parliament.’
    • ‘The Lord Chancellor was not on the Woolsack to hear the debate, which Lord Goodhart insisted was not directed at him personally.’
    1. 1.1the WoolsackThe position of Lord Chancellor.
      ‘He had no objection, he said, to the Woolsack; but a career of political distinction was growing slowly but surely to be his leading aim in life.’