Meaning of woolshed in English:



Australian, New Zealand
  • A large shed for shearing and baling wool.

    • ‘They both helped in yarding the sheep, sweeping out the woolshed during shearing (Judy became a proficient shearer), taking morning and afternoon tea to the shearers, and helping drive mobs.’
    • ‘After the takeover in 1883, work was started on stock yards, fencing, station buildings and the large woolshed, with stands for 120 shearers.’
    • ‘Here there was a shepherd's cottage and the woolshed.’
    • ‘Even if meetings were held in woolsheds across the country for a year to try to explain the new structures, it is unlikely that we would end up with a different result.’
    • ‘Others chipped in by repairing the old woolshed.’
    hut, lean-to, outhouse, outbuilding, shack