Meaning of woonerf in English:


nounwoonerven, woonerfs

  • A road in which devices for reducing or slowing the flow of traffic have been installed.

    • ‘The first set of minimum design standards and traffic regulations for the woonerf was adopted and legalized by the Dutch government in 1976.’
    • ‘Residential streets would be developed on the Dutch woonerf concept as part of the living space for local residents and children-and only secondarily serve as roadways for local access, temporary parking, and emergency vehicles.’
    • ‘In 1998, the British government adopted a ‘Home Zones’ initiative - the woonerf equivalent - as part of its national transportation policy.’
    • ‘Baker's article mentioned that the UK government had adopted a similar strategy, setting up ‘Home Zone’ pilot projects to apply woonerf principles.’


1970s from Dutch, from wonen ‘reside’ + erf ‘premises, ground’.