Meaning of Woop Woop in English:

Woop Woop

(New Zealand woop woops, wop wops)


informal Australian
  • A humorous name for a remote outback town or district.

    ‘it was like council night in Woop Woop’
    ‘while you're out in the woop-woops, spare a thought for the local farmer’
    • ‘There is apparently a shortage of coffee in Woop Woop but plenty of booze, blue eye shadow and bullets to go around.’
    • ‘The people at Woop Woop could, if they wanted, toss out the same old jammy, boring swill.’
    • ‘Her father Daddy O runs Woop Woop as a despot, with the usual modicum of attendant corruption.’
    • ‘We are in a teeny tiny village outside Kettering (in the wop wops as the other half says).’
    • ‘I've usually managed to get to a real F & P engineer if I moan enough and say that the appliance is way out in the wop wops.’
    countryside, green belt, great outdoors


1920s a jocular use of reduplication, a characteristic of Aboriginal languages.


Woop Woop

/ˈwʊp wʊp/