Meaning of woot in English:


Pronunciation /wuːt/

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  • Used to express elation, enthusiasm, or triumph.

    • ‘I definitely get Fridays off, woot!’
    • ‘I bought Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets today. woot!’
    • ‘My first blog post was Oh my; my second post was Woot!’
    • ‘And Channel 5 has picked up Angel for the UK season 3 starts in June, woot!’
    • ‘Okay, I stopped posting on this thread because it just became me going "woot!"’
    • ‘Then, off to the photo lab, and I developed the two rolls of film (woot, they both came out fine!) and then…(insert spooky music here) went to make some prints.’
    • ‘I went skiing today WOOT!’
    • ‘It's fireworks night (Guy fawkes, bonfire night, whatever u wanna call it) woOt to fireworks.’
    • ‘I'd seen him supporting Jeffrey Lewis (who, as it happens, is at the Jug on May 8th - woot!) last September.’
    • ‘I will put out more Christmas junk because I'm obsessive like that, and my roommate says we can put out christmas stuff any time after her birthday, which was a week ago. woot!’
    • ‘It's enough to get one excited and shout (in the current American vernacular) - woot!’
    • ‘Phil is gonna also teach me to play guitar … woot!’
    • ‘But right now I'm off to find an explanation of woot, another one of those cyber cool terms that I seemed to have missed along the way.’
    • ‘I don't think I've ever said "Woot" before.’
    • ‘Lastly, it's time for the 2005 Australian Blog Awards, woot.’
    • ‘On Saturday I paid some more off my graphic novel lay-by (one more payment to go, Woot!) and got a new belt.’
    • ‘Thanks to Virginia Nussey over at Bruce Clay sending me the actual presentation (woot!).’


1990s origin uncertain.