Meaning of word break in English:

word break

(also word division)


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  • A point at which a word is split between two lines of text by means of a hyphen.

    ‘bad word breaks at the end of lines’
    • ‘All the word breaks and line lengths have been worked out for them; when a line has a few extra characters, and needs to be slightly condensed, the text is highlighted in green.’
    • ‘And of course Syriac has, like all Semitic languages, word breaks.’
    • ‘In 1986, the Press published a third work, The Oxford Spelling Dictionary, compiled by R. E. Allen, which also gives word divisions.’
    • ‘Nor do her choppy word divisions sound trite.’
    • ‘Try it though, it's good; with capitals and word breaks and all, it turns very quickly into a basic form of beat poetry.’