Meaning of word class in English:

word class


  • A category of words of similar form or function; a part of speech.

    • ‘On the lexical level, paradigmatic contrasts indicate which words are likely to belong to the same word class (part of speech): cat, dog, parrot in the diagram are all nouns, sat, slept, perched are all verbs.’
    • ‘Ultimately, however, a word class emerges as a function of its role within a constructional schema.’
    • ‘The present study additionally demonstrates the importance of the first letter of a noun for identifying its word class at an early stage of sentence processing in German.’
    • ‘The word class of the repeated items was manipulated to include nouns, adjectives, and verbs - the last a class not used in the previous experiments.’
    • ‘Conversion is the process that switches words into a different word class.’


word class