Meaning of word length in English:

word length


mass nounComputing
  • The number of bits in a word.

    • ‘She believed ‘Clear’ and ‘Submit’ buttons need to be in separate locations so they aren't confused, and that word length needs to be specified for open-ended questions.’
    • ‘I stuck to the internal 96kHz setting, which made a big difference over the old SPX90 with its 31.25kHz sample rate, 16-bit word length and limited frequency response.’
    • ‘Last month, I looked at the subjects of chips, clocks, word length and DAW power.’
    • ‘The Record / Play window provides meters and input selection for each of the card's 16 channels, as well as mutes and dithering options; word length info and dropout tallies are also displayed.’
    • ‘As a result of this, the word length can be extended from the existing 64 and 128-bit architectures to words of thousands and even millions of bits.’