Meaning of word of command in English:

word of command


  • 1Military
    An order for a movement in a drill.

    • ‘In squads they learnt how to obey orders instinctively, and to react to a single word of command, by coping with a torrent of abuse from the drill sergeants.’
    • ‘On hearing the last syllable of the word of command, the recruit shall execute the intended motion lively and smartly.’
    • ‘The quick and accurate reaction of soldiers to the word of Command is instilled through the incessant and repetitive practice of battle drills and routines.’
    1. 1.1A prearranged spoken signal for the start of an operation.
      • ‘He spoke a word of command, and the other troll dropped to the ground as well, and now there remained only the one with the crude sword.’
      • ‘On the the words of command, the firing party raised their rifles into the air, unleashing three volleys into the grey canopy of cloud hanging above the cemetery.’
      • ‘And suddenly, without anyone appearing to have given a word of command, it stopped, beasts were unloaded, tents were pitched, fires lit, water set to boil and herds taken off to forage.’
      • ‘The officer raised me to a sitting posture, as he uttered a word of command; then several men placed me upon a horse.’
      • ‘The other man yells out a word of command, and all of a sudden, the blue sparkles disappear, and the dagger is flying straight towards my heart with nothing to interfere with it.’
      • ‘Ashe murmured a word of command, and a shining blade of ghostly blue force sprung from her hand, and the fire that formerly resided in her hand left it and began floating in the air near her.’
      • ‘And with that simple word of command, the wind ceased and the waves died down.’
      • ‘She pulled Jason out of the way and stated one word of command at the door, which rebuilt itself.’
      • ‘With a sharp word of command the book snapped shut and flew into his waiting claws like a loyal pet to its master.’