Meaning of word of honour in English:

word of honour


  • A solemn promise.

    ‘I'll be good to you always, I give you my word of honour’
    • ‘I know my duty well, and I give you my solemn word of honor that I will not disappoint you or our people.’
    • ‘Just fax us what you want, promising us on word of honor that you are over 18 and these and much more can be yours.’
    • ‘Kohl refused, saying he had given his word of honor.’
    • ‘We don't want your money, just your signature - and when the time comes, your willingness to carry through on your word of honor.’
    • ‘He said on his word of honour that they had no connection with the Indian Communist Party.’
    • ‘This inn was visited by Russian inhabitants and French prisoners of war, who were granted freedom of movement on their word of honour.’
    • ‘He was known for his meticulous interviews and his strict word of honor about protecting witness identity.’
    • ‘What I prefer is a handshake and a person's word of honor.’
    • ‘We thought we had their word of honour that these guys would be released much earlier.’
    • ‘Not until we gave our word of honor did expressions cautiously start to change.’
    promise, word of honour, assurance, guarantee, undertaking