Meaning of word picture in English:

word picture


  • A vivid description in writing.

    ‘a romantic conjuror of Old England, painting his word pictures of leafy lanes’
    • ‘As you might imagine, its name gives a vivid word picture for the color changes, blushing from ivory to pink and finally red when mature.’
    • ‘For those who haven't heard you yet, paint a word picture to describe your music.’
    • ‘Yes, the above was a lame attempt at being comical, but I think the word picture gives an accurate account of the worth of this album.’
    • ‘Dick painted a word picture of a totally different kind of world in the fifties and sixties.’
    • ‘Do you not just love the word picture I just painted there?’
    • ‘It being an election year and all, Lounsberry spared no soggy detail in painting a convincing word picture of the impending disaster.’
    • ‘One of the best ways to motivate prospective members to join your club is to paint a word picture in their minds of what they're going to look and feel like as a result of joining your facility rather than working out at home or at a competitor.’
    • ‘The word picture should be used to provide specific instances of performance to support the performance generalisations made under each criterion.’
    • ‘After all, when journalists create a word picture of the people they cover, they strive for accuracy.’
    • ‘A mentor taught her to draw a word picture of what sort of life she wanted.’
    • ‘Well for those who haven't been out in that region of Western Australia, would you give a word picture of the landscape?’
    • ‘What sort of emotional word picture would encapsulate the relationship?’
    • ‘And you must admit, it paints a rather poignant word picture.’
    • ‘Each poem depicts an image of some aspect of existence (Life, Death and Eternity) in vivid, stream-of-consciousness word pictures.’
    • ‘It's also a nostalgic trip down memory lane, as the Melbourne of yesteryear is captured through Tovey's vivid word pictures.’
    • ‘With almost total recall, Rajam paints vivid word pictures of her experiences.’
    • ‘The narrative should record concise word pictures that value-add to the report, it should not simply regurgitate the ratings description.’
    • ‘Reporters painted word pictures of the masses draping themselves in flags and dancing outside Buckingham Palace.’
    • ‘Equally adept are Fairholme's word pictures, which include one of the most vivid accounts of a prairie fire ever penned.’
    • ‘Her lyrics speak of love and politics in artfully written phrases and word pictures.’
    account, explanation, elucidation, illustration, representation, interpretation