Meaning of wordless in English:



  • 1Not speaking or involving speech.

    ‘a sort of wordless communication had developed’
    ‘the wordless language of the heart’
    • ‘A long, wordless tracking shot follows a man on a winter jog in Central Park.’
    • ‘This wordless tragedy informs every moment of what we are shown from then on.’
    • ‘Slowly his voice is joined by the sound of a stone xylophone and a wordless choir.’
    • ‘There is a wordless conversation among these shows.’
    • ‘Wordless cartoon balloons float in dumb surprise above.’
  • 2(of a play, book, or other work) without words or speech.

    ‘a largely wordless, engaging performance’
    ‘a simple wordless melody’
    • ‘Dark, muffled organ sets the stage for a plaintive piano line, which is echoed by wordless singing.’
    • ‘At various points, the baritone joins the soprano for his own wordless riffs, perhaps representing the observer at one with nature.’
    • ‘Check out his nearly wordless performance in Happy End, or in Im Kwon-taek's Chihwaseon - both intense roles, both played to sheer perfection.’
    • ‘The singer then enters in the "correct" mode and finishes the song with a rapturous, wordless counter-melody.’
    • ‘Johnny Weissmuller makes a brief and wordless cameo as himself, when he picks the duo up in his convertible.’
    1. 2.1(of a vocal sound) not in the form of words.
      ‘he gave a wordless cry of joy’
      • ‘The song ends with the drummer alone on the stage pounding out the final measures as the crowd chants a wordless South African mantra.’
      • ‘No recondite phrase or pleasing neologism, it is a wordless summons like that made by the infant in distress.’
      • ‘Over a wavery organ loop that gently builds then fades away amid a wash of echoes, a singer slowly groans out a wordless lament.’
      • ‘The disc closes with "Praise Be to the Man," a twelve-minute opus with more sitars, a lumbering bass line, and amorphous wordless shouts in the background.’
      • ‘The former is the group's raison d' etre - its wordless doo-wop chorus gently fluttering underneath the plaintive expression of individual empowerment that had been Sly's credo up to that point.’